Our Story

Haven Rest is operated by a husband and wife team who love the Lord Jesus, love people, and desire to see young women walk in freedom and wholeness

My husband was raised in a conservative Christian home where he was thoroughly loved and his childhood was carefree. His life was guarded by God and, because of God’s mercy, he grew up to be a wise man with no regrets or hidden baggage. As a teen he was convicted that even though his life was “good,” his heart didn’t really belong to God. It was then that he gave his whole life to seeking Jesus and to following Him wherever He would lead. My husband is strong, faithful, and kind. 

My childhood was very different. I grew up happy because I knew Jesus loved me and He would take care of me. But my family was legalistic and dysfunctional. As a little girl I realized that if my younger siblings were going to be nurtured it was going to have to come from me. I was a “Cinderella,” but no matter how much work I did, it was never good enough. While I was free on the inside because of Christ, I still knew what heavy bondage felt like. Now, I was never “forced” to work; I did it voluntarily out of love for my siblings. But at the same time, I didn’t have a choice because if I didn’t do it, no one else would. So I chose to stay at home and raise my siblings.

My prince came into my life in my mid-twenties and my life was forever changed. We’ve been married for many years now and have been blessed with beautiful children. What a blessing life is!