Welcome to Haven Rest

Giving Hope and Rest to the Suffering


Our Purpose

Haven Rest exists to provide a safe place for victims of abuse to rest, recover, and receive training for the purpose of empowering them to renter society as strong, free, and confident individuals.


Our Method

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We believe that the first step to recovery from an abusive situation is a safe place to rest. Rest is the complete absence of all responsibility and work; eat, sleep, walk in the woods, repeat.-During this stage any medical needs would be addressed. This rest last as long as is needed.


When the person is ready, we move into teaching and educating. Teaching is tailored for each individual and includes general education (if needed), Bible teaching, biblical counseling, and skills training.


Our goal is to strengthen each individual so they can confidently enter the world as themselves and to be free to follow their dreams and become who God intended them to be.


Why Haven Rest

We have chosen to open our hearts and our home to young women who have no place to go and no knowledge of the “outside world.” These sweet young women are longing for the freedom to breathe. To find a place where they can just be who God made them to be without being shamed and manipulated. These young women aren’t the rebellious type. Rather, they are the ones who have given up so much to serve others while they themselves were forgotten. With your help, we will give these women a chance at a fulfilling and free life.

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Thank You for your support!

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